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Web Design group

Why Web:

As one of programming skills,  Web design skill is widely used and will be fun for kids to learn. Kids will have chance to learn basic web knowledge, tools and combine their creativities into their Web design.

Web design Club:

Current Web design club is formed by volunteers,  parents and middle school kids. The learning mode is student self learning skills with parents, volunteers help with providing learning resourses,  organize/host idea sharing sessions and solicit projects . We'll work on involve more elementary kids in the future. 

"Chips and Cookies " is the first Web group learning group formed and named by seven 6th grade kids.   This group had  weekly meeting/learning session during the summer of 2015.  By end of the summer, kids finished basic HTML, CSS learning via online courses provided by Code Academy and created Joy's Chinese School web site as their first real world project. Some of them will continue learning during the school year by follow the  learning plan we laid out below .

Learning plan
  • Basic HTML5

  • CSS .

  • use HTML5 and CSS to create web pages.

  • build a usable web site.

  • publish the web site .

  • Learning java script

  • building interactive web site.

  • building web application after learn some other programming skill like java, python.

Web design learning Resources:

Web group current has 7 students.


6/15-6/20: first meet to set up team learning goal.


6/20-7/1: finish learning HTML course on Code Academy


7/1-7/10: Team work on Joy Chinese Web site.


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