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Arduino Club

What's Arduino:

Arduino is the popular open-source electronics prototyping platform based on easy-to-use hardware and software.

From the classic Arduino R3 to the latest Arduino101 Intel® Curie™ Module, arduino has a large and diverse line of products and has been making a lot of news lately, especially among makers, tinkerers, and hobbyists, and anyone interested in creating interactive objects or environments and is designed to be as flexible as possible to fit your project's needs.


You can use the Arduino to read sensors and control things like motors and lights or other electronic devices, you can upload programs to this board which can then interact with things in the real world. With this, you can make devices which respond and react to the world at large.

Basically, if there is something that is in any way controlled by electricity, the Arduino can interface with it in some manner. And even if it is not controlled by electricity, you can probably still use things which are (like motors and electromagnets), to interface with it. The possibilities of the Arduino are almost limitless.

All kinds of people are getting into the powerful and interactive things you can do with an Arduino — from school kids to university researchers, to artists and designers. One thing that sets apart Arduino from a lot of other platforms is that anyone can write new programs to use with it and share them online. Even more powerfully, special code collections called libraries extend the things Arduino can do by allowing you to connect cameras, motors, printers, scanners, remote controls — you name it. Because anyone can create code for Arduino and share it online, the community is really growing fast. It’s been instrumental in renewing interest in electronics and new hacker spaces all over the country where people build cool things, such as autonomous robots, 3D printers, and interactive artwork.

Example of Arduino projects
  • Read a humidity sensor connected to a potted plant and turn on an automatic watering system if it gets too dry. 

  • Make a stand-alone chat server which is plugged into your internet router. 

  • Arduino based robot - You can program the robot to move around on its two wheels while avoiding any obstacle you put in its way. 

  • Tweet every time your cat passes through a pet door. 

  • Start a pot of coffee when your alarm goes off in the morning.

  • Garage door opener - how Arduino can be contacted by a mobile phone to trigger your garage door

  • Talking clock

  • Pollutant sensor - Arduino makes it easy to monitor your air quality

  • Lots of more...

Arduino Club:

This is a group for young kids grade 4 and above to get together on a weekly basis to demo, discuss and learn Arduino, working as individuals as well as in teams.


At the meetings, we encourage kids to share and present their Arduino projects to others. They also learn and find advice from others or parents.


We meet in community conference rooms and club members' homes. We do study groups, hack nights, and social events. This Arduino club is a language-agnostic group; our kids use C, Python, and Java in their hardware projects.
We hope you will join us on our journey of discovery.

Arduino Resources:

Arduino group currently has 2 teams, total 14 active students.


  • Thursday Team has 5 students and is led by parent volunteer Shi Jue. The team meet every Thursday at Hue's home. The projects include robot and  metronome.


  • Sunday Team has 6 students and is led by parent volunteer Guorong. The team meet every Sunday evening and team family take turn to host the meeting. The project include robot, sensors, etc.

1/3/2016: Arduino project contest at community conference room (fire station)


10/18: Sunday team workshop at Andrew's home at 7PM.


10/4: Parents meeting at Cedar Mill Library


9/20: Group monthly meeting at Guorong's home. We discussed the next projects and teams setup.


8/16: Group monthly meeting at Fire Station Community Conference Room (demo, presentation)


7/30: Processing and Arduino. Alarm, smoke detector, etc.


7/23: Control garage door with Arduino 

1. Join or create a new club.

2. We need one or two parent volunteers to organize a girl group age from 9-12. 

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