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Android Programming Club

Android is by far one of the most popular programming applications. Not only does Android provide the programmer with an easy to use IDE, but it also provides a great and interactive way for the programmer to use their programs. Beginners and experts alike will appreciate the endless possibilities that Android offers. Android allows the programmer to create their program on an IDE known as Android Studio. Once the program is finished, the programmer can run their program on an Android device! With this great feature, programmers can create their own games and apps. The possibilities are endless!

Fun is a large portion of Android, but learning how to program in Android is a wonderful tool in itself. To program in Android, people will learn the XML and Java programming languages. XML is used for interface design and Java is one of the world’s most popular programming languages. Similarly, the teamwork that people will gain is tremendous. When programming, friends can work together to accomplish challenges and improve their synergy with other people. All of the benefits of Android are valuable for kids and in the real world. Learning how to program in Java, which is an extremely popular programming language, is becoming essential in the rapidly growing world of Computer Science. XML is also used for app designers on Android and iOS platforms. Finally, learning how to work together with peers is an integral part of working in a professional environment.


Our Android learning group is comprised of Middle School and High School students. We are a fun group, but we also strive to learn the most that we can with the help of our supportive teachers. We laugh, we learn, and we have fun. This group meets once a week in the evening for around two hours. Meetings consist of a short lecture followed by time to create our own programs.

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