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Latest News & Upcoming Events:

Congratulations to our Tech4Kids ACSL team, who won first place in the 2019 American Computer Science League(ACSL) All-Star Contest in the Senior 5-person-team Division! All of them received individual top scorer awards. 
(From left to right: Marshal Xu from Lincoln HS, Russell Chai from Sunset HS, Colin Liu from Westview HS, Kevin Jin from Sunset HS, and Justin Yang from Westview HS).


The Build-A-Bike Team Workshop and Charity Event (on Aug.17, 2019)
Our students all worked together and learned how to build a bike as well as how to build a team. In the picture, they are giving five brand-new bicycles to kids from the Boys and Girls Club. Everyone cheers! 



Tech for Kids runs on a model of active parental involvement, and is ideal for parents seeking an effective way to participate in their child's development.


Tech for kids club also has a junior mentor program which encourages youth to develop their leadership skills and improve our community.




Robots, home automation, LED shields, autonomous cars, Electronic circuits, IoT, Drone fly, the arduino and Raspberry Pi can do all of that and more.




Computer programming is a crucial skill every child should be learning. From 3D printers, to mobile apps, to robots, to drones that deliver products, the world around us relies on code more than ever before. 


ACSL Saturday night group meeting during school year. 

Tech-for-Girls CS programming class during school year. 


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